Journal of Classical Suggestopedia issue 3

January 2023

Dear Readers,
We are happy to present the third multilingual issue of the “Classical Suggestopeida” Journal.
It is a continuation of the Bulgarian issue of the second year of the Journal’s existence, a fulfillment of a promise to introduce and share with you the participants’ thoughts and messages during the traditional International Conference on Suggestopedia, which took place on Dr Lozanov’s birthday and lasted three days, from 22nd to 24th July 2022, in the Black Sea city of Burgas, Bulgaria.
Reading the reports and messages is an echo of the ambience of happiness, joy, emotions and sharing, of the mere fact that we could meet each other again in the middle of the vicissitudes of our time.
It is also a confirmation that the message for peace is always the same no matter if it comes from the Middle East, Turkey, Ukraine, Bulgaria or France. Human beings yearn for the same all over the world. And we, as teachers of Suggestopedia know how important education is in the upbringing of a new human being who will have the consciousness of being part of the whole and of preserving life as the most precious gift.
This issue is the debut of our colleague Todor Terziev as a correspondent to distinct places on our planet where he can talk to students of Dr Lozanov’s of different ages and discuss their meeting and experiences with him and Dr Gateva.
We are happy to introduce to you two members of LITTA, Laila Al- Qadhi, sending us her peace message from Kuwait and Franz Ludescher, talking to Todor Terziev, to welcome them and thank them for sharing their wisdom with us.
At the end of the day, all of us owe so much to Dr Lozanov and here we share with you a glimpse of his fight for preserving the purity of his work after he had been put under house arrest for 10 years by the communist regime in Bulgaria and hadn’t had the possibility to defend his investigation from its wrongful interpretation in different countries.
No matter what, all that is precious always finds a way to reach the next generation until Dr Lozanov’s prophecy is fulfilled:
“In 100 years’ time there will be clever people who will know what to do with the methodology”.
For them and for the rest of us we continue working with love and understanding.
To all the participants in the Conference “Suggestopedia and Peace” Burgas, Bulgaria, 22-24th July 2022, to all the contributors of this issue goes my heartfelt gratitude.

We wish you a pleasant reading!

Vanina Bodurova

The “Professor Doctor Georgi Lozanov and Professor Doctor Evelina Gateva” Foundation Chairperson

Issue 3, Year 2

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Words of gratitude

The present issue of the e-journal “Classical Suggestopedia” is possible thanks to the gracious support and voluntary dedicated work of Ina Vasileva – Taseva.

To her goes my heartfelt gratitude.

Vanina Bodurova

The “Professor Doctor Georgi Lozanov and Professor Doctor Evelina Gateva” Foundation