Journal of Classical Suggestopedia issue I

Dear Readers,
We are happy to present the first multilingual edition of the “Journal of Classical Suggestopedia”. It is our present for you from Bulgaria to all parts of the world. In these Christmas days our message of Love and Hope, of Beauty and Humaneness is coming from the classrooms in France and Bulgaria, from the nursery school through the primary and secondary school to the educational centres for work with children and adults and the university environment. The year which is fading has brought us joyful moments together with trials, pain, personal suffering and opportunities to test our values as societies. In the darkest moments the communication with the teachers has been summed up in the exclamation: “I am so grateful to be doing this work! If it were not for Iris, (Lady Jasmine, Sarah, Marcel, Francesca and all the other impersonated characters), if it were not for the Spanish (English, Greek) course, I do not know how I would go through it!” A recurring gratitude for the heritage of Professor Doctor Georgi Lozanov and Professor Doctor Evelina Gateva. This edition is somewhat special, somewhat personal and somewhat emotional. We received spontaneous impressions, shared experiences and thoughts, profound reports and articles as well as examples of suggestopedic texts and games in Music, English and for the nursery school journey. This edition is as alive as Suggestopedia itself is. And now, without much ado, I would like to invite you to browse the pages and to delve into the magic of the moment with “intent, emotion and longing” just like a Renaissance follower of Orpheus would advise us to do.

Vanina Bodurova

The “Professor Doctor Georgi Lozanov and Professor Doctor Evelina Gateva” Foundation Chairperson
Issue 1, Year 1

Table of contents:

ISSN: 2815-2921.

Words of gratitude

Dear readers,
Thank you for accompanying us on this journey in the world of Classical Suggestopedia. Thank you for taking the time to reflect and question, to feel and be present for the sharing of the work and enthusiasm of our colleagues. It has been a most wonderful thought to know that we are together, that we have the chance to experience the humanity at its beauty, versatility and depth.
Our gratitude extends to Ina Vasileva-Taseva, the gentle hand and heart, who worked behind the screen to make our experience aesthetic and user friendly!
We wish you Warmth and Faith in the coming year!
Happy Holiday Season!

Vanina Bodurova

The “Professor Doctor Georgi Lozanov and Professor Doctor Evelina Gateva” Foundation