Learning the Way of Peace with Suggestopedia/Reservopedia

Learning the Way of Peace with Suggestopedia/Reservopedia
An Abstract

Seçil Besler Türköz,

Schools have an essential role to play in educating students for peace. In this sense, understanding Georgi Lozanov’s theory of education and its application to educational sciences, Suggestopedia/Reservopedia, is significant in some respects. First, Lozanov opens our eyes to the new realities regarding human nature, an important issue discussed throughout centuries by many philosophers, educators, and scientists. Second, via Suggestopedia/Reservopedia, he introduces ways to alleviate the psychological factors leading to violence at schools by promoting dialogues of nonviolence and kindness. Third, through science, art, and aesthetics, Lozanov offers creative possibilities for organizing our environment conducive to peace and harmony. In so doing, it can be said that one crucial goal of Lozanov is to transform the culture which can cause conflicts and violence. Therefore, it is strongly believed that Lozanov’s lifetime work has a prominent role in enhancing the ways to live in harmony internally and externally, thus contributing to a more peaceful world.


Seçil Besler Türköz

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