Suggestopedia and Music at Roerich School

Zlatina Dimitrova

Music classes are organized based on the laws of the golden ratio of Suggestopedia and love. There is transition from light and fun moments with lots of songs and dances to psychorelaxation moments to enter into the depth of the fine music art.

Through the Music teacher’s own musical tales, children get to know music theory in an unusual way, without realizing it. They are the link between learning and fun, and the basis for absorbing a much bigger volume of information according to the principles of the Suggestopedia method. “Musical Tales” are presented as a cycle of 12 texts composed by Zlatina Dimitrova, a teacher in Music at Roerich School, by means of which the children, without realizing, get to know the 12 topics from basic music theory. By means of the magical music card games related to a new tale/lessor or by means of the music quizzes, the classes passes unnoticeably for pupils, with lots of love, joy, and enthusiasm for playing,

Through their suggestive behaviour and the classroom arranged with lots of love, the sugestopedagogue creates conditions for optimal psychorelaxation and harmony. Rhythm and melodiousness, present in each class activity, render a unique musical masterpiece that on its part builds a friendly relation, trust, positive attitude, and knowledge.

Suggestopaedic piano lessons for children with special needs fill the child’s soul with joy, overcome anti-suggestive barriers and have a positive therapeutic effect.

The magic happens in perpetual joy and happiness, and intense infantilization is visible in the bright eyes of looking forward to new knowledge.

Music is the melodiousness and harmony in the learning process at Roerich School. It lights each corner, each text, dance, or just game. Music is not just a background, it globalizes the learning process by harmonizing the part within the whole, and the whole embraces and unites into one the parts through the fifth law of Suggestopedia, “whole-part, part-whole”.

Here is the first part Introduction Sound, Tone and Noise of the book “Musical Tales”.