Peace Message – Turkey

Peace Message
Ethem Kocabaş & Semra Çeliktaş


For a better future Ethem Kocabaş, Behavioral Sciences Specialist and I, Semra Çeliktaş, English teacher and Suggestopedagogue help young people discover themselves, their potential in our country like you, too.

While you are listening to us, gifts come to life all over the world.

Each born soul with its magnificent brain is waiting to live its brilliance by self–actualization with love and wisdom for humanity.

On this path, they need guides who will hold their hands .

Today, we touch the future with every child we hold by the hand and contribute their development .

We were children, too and we had our guides.

Now, for a moment, we would like to call out you as the voice of  children who was born, are born and will be born .

This message is an invitation from pure souls for a better world full of love and wisdom.


The Children say

Help us discover ourselves, for we came here to create value for the world and universe on behalf of humanity. The potential we have is magnificent, both spiritually and mentally.

Every one of us has magnificent and unique codes. Stop education systems that compare and compete with each other. Instead, build up three words: Love, creativity and inner exploration.

Wherever the creative power and cosmic intelligence have given us life in the world, respect the choice of this will . Raise us with the awareness that we are siblings. Do not otherize! The universe is so big that we are the members of core family called earth. All in all, we are all a family.

We are aware of the fact that we can not create because of the limits of being human. It is only when we support our brains with spiritual wisdom, we can become minds that make a difference and anywhere in the world we can turn into radiant individuals in emotion and thought, in science, art, sports and philosophy.

Do not squeeze us into this virtual reality which we experience with our brain and that we call the world. Support and be with us on the journey to reach the meaning beyond matter. Do not let money and possession rule us.

Yes, we live in an age where spacecraft is sent to Mars. While this shows that Jules Verne’s dream continuous and gives us hope, don’t forget 2 billion people who sleep hungry every  day and millions of children who suffer and live in difficult conditions in the world. Existing education systems are inadequate. That’s why we are facing global warming. Because of the deficiencies of this understanding of education, wars and violence never end in the world.  Even bad leadership is a situation that the United Nations points out in its report. But do you know that those bad leaders were once children born with hope and pure love ? So we have to question the education systems we have built. What is missing? Now it is time for an awakening and restructuring in the name of educational sciences all over the world.

Remember, we will build the future.  Don’t take away our dreams. Let us open new pages that you are not accustomed to. Like Bach, Beethoven, Tchaikovsky and Vivaldi. Let us be the composers of our own lives. You can make us love music by making us play Mozart, but finally let us discover our own Mozart.

Since music is a frequency that changes the world, we must be careful which frequency we radiate to the world. We should beautify our world like a rose smelling good in the universe garden. For this, we need both the mind and the spirit wing. Remember that one-winged birds can not fly.

We mediated the children’s message. Now, we, as an educational scientist and a teacher , would like to contribute to our education view in line with this expectation of children, too. What can we do ?

The time has now come for everyone who devoted themselves to education in all countries in the world to unite. We must combine our experience and knowledge and train world teachers in world schools.

These teachers should take charge in all over the world. For this , a new formation called the World Education Union is needed with the support of all countries.

A new education system based on brain and spirit should be established with the wisdom that cultural richness, richness of belief and all kinds of differences are seen as values.


Before children are born, expectant parents should get training to support them. Because in many countries of the world, parents have insufficient information about the brain potential of their children. For example, brain development in children starts with toys and dreams. In this respect,  toy industries’ situation should be reviewed with the world wide known mental science experts. The relationship between the brain and the toy should be explained to the expectant mothers and fathers. A road map should be presented on how parents can discover their children and the children can discover themselves with toys.

Now we need different lessons. Don’t you also get interested in the subjects such as ;

‘’I’m discovering my brain, who am I ?,  creativity, opening the mind to impossibility, nature intelligence and consciousness, bodily purification and spiritual intelligence, unconscious brain architecture, leadership, and career planning, the art of communication ?  Different topics like these should be opened to all children in the world. Their amazing potential should be shown to the children. Educational practices that compete and compare them with each other should be stopped.

Money should be no longer a goal and turned into a tool. Money can be placed next to the word education  as a means of providing opportunities.  The speculation of money as a high profit motive in getting a good education should be prevented. 

The determinative criterion in choosing a profession should be the purpose of existence , not geographical advantages and materiality.

It is a great loss for humanity if we do not discover the child who will find a cure for cancer but is now starving in Africa.

Friends. The change has begun. Children who have been born and will be born have already begun to intervene in the system for a better world. Do you not see traces of this awakening in many of your students ? We, the educators, too are gradually supporting the development of this higher consciousness. We are in transformation for a better world.

The energy of the world continues to rise with hope and love with the children born all over the world.

May knowledge and wisdom be with you!


Ethem Kocabaş & Semra Çeliktaş