Semra Çeliktaş

Suggestopedagogue with English

phone +90 506 402 35 29 address : Eğriçam mah. Nevit Kodallı cad. Şadiye Baygör apt. No. 35 Kat.3/8 33160 Yenişehir - Mersin/ Turkey

I am Semra Çeliktaş . I was born in Mersin in 1964. I graduated from Selçuk University , Education Faculty, English Department in 1985.

I worked as a coordinator in a shipping agent and an English teacher in different high schools and special English courses  in Adana and Mersin.

I retired in 2010.

Now in 2022 I work freelance as a Suggestopedic teacher and the assistant teacher trainer, and  a coach and mentor accredited by EMCC.

I studied Suggestopedia with Prof. Dr. Georgi Lozanov and his assistant Ms Vanina Bodurova in 2011 first, then the second level in 2013 and the teacher training in 2019 with Ms Vanina Bodurova in Sliven.
It was really a great honour for me to celebrate the first anniversary of the Professor Doctor Georgi Lozanov and Professor Doctor Evelina Gateva Foundation with Prof. Dr. G.Lozanov himself in 2011.
As soon as I came back to Mersin, Turkey , I started teaching English with Suggestopedia . I have been teaching since 2011. I have had nearly 90 adults, 70 5 year-old kids and 10 between 9 &12 years old children as of April, 2022 and I still keep going.

For 11 years my students and I have been experiencing and getting surprised at how practical, pragmatic, human friendly on one side and powerful, deep and scientific method on the other side it is.

In every class I have , I am with with Prof. Dr. G. Lozanov and remember that the humanity, as a being, is merely energy, timeless and infinite.

Thanks to everyone, especially you Vanina.

With my deepest love


Semra Çeliktaş