Seçil Besler Türköz

Suggestopedagogue with English


She received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English Language and Literature from Boğaziçi University and her Master’s degree in English Language and Teaching with a thesis on “An Experimental Approach to Teaching Vocabulary Through Suggestopedia/Reservopedia” after her training with Prof. Dr Georgi Lozanov in 2008 in Bulgaria. In her study, she adapted the coursebook and the teaching at the department according to the laws, principles and means of Suggestopedia throughout one academic semester. In 2010, she attended the International Scientific Conference on Suggestopedia in Sliven and presented the results of her thesis in the presence of Dr Lozanov. This was an unforgettable moment that would be forever etched in her memory. She continued to visit her beloved teacher every year after 2008 until he bade farewell to this world in 2012.

She is inspired by learning more and more of the art and science of Suggestopedia/Reservopedia and humbly applies what she has learned from the philosophy of its seven laws in many spheres of her life. As part of her life-long learning in Dr. Lozanov’s Desuggestive-Suggestive Pedagogy on the Hidden Reserves of the Human Mind-Suggestopedia / Reservopedia, she continued her training in teaching adults, children and teachers in the Prof. Dr Georgi Lozanov and Prof. Dr Evelina Gateva Foundation.

She has been teaching English since 2005 at the tertiary level and learning a lot from her students. Currently, she is writing her PhD thesis on Suggestopedia as part of her dedication to further research in the field and reviving its true spirit in academic circles. Her academic interest is related to the applicability of Suggestopedia / Reservopedia in education in particular and its place in the area of philosophy of education in general. Throughout her journey into Suggestopedia, not only has she become more aware of the fact that caring for all people and creatures is, in itself, a highly respected career that one could ever pursue, but she has also come to think that we are all united and one.

In her childhood, her grandmother who was born and grew up in Bulgaria used to tell her memories and stories of hers full of nice fragrances of Bulgaria, that’s why she has always felt a special connection to this land of roses and mystery from the heart.

She is also a proud mother of two wonderful children.