Creating Wholeness in Education through Art & Aesthetics



Humanity, as a being, is merely energy, timeless and infinite. They are born with all the information recorded in their cells. As soon as it is remembered, the golden gate is open to the existence and the unique communication with the earth starts. In this unity  ‘’Art and Aesthetics’’ helps accelerate decoding the knowledge in human’s DNA in a peaceful, trustworthy way and communication starts with ‘’Humanistic Values’’ in education as well as in every layer in life. 

There are times called timelessness and you know that you are just ‘’being’’ at that moment in oneness & wholeness and you can create anything you can imagine.

It was the first time I had lived ‘’timelessness’’ deeply with Prof. Dr. Lozanov and had taken me beyond this reality by asking in his room in Sliven;

‘’Would you like to listen to the nature, the wind, birds, leaves, etc…?’’ ‘’Would you like to tell me what you can hear?’’ and kept going

‘’What else?’’, ‘’What else?’’…

It was the magical moment for me to start discovering Suggestopedia & Suggestopedic Art & Wholeness & Human being & Education.


From then on, my journey has started and brought me here to write this article. I have kept asking questions;

‘’Who are we?’’

‘’What are our sources as a human being?’’

‘’What is Suggestology?’’

‘’What is the relationship between human being and Art & Aesthetic?’’

‘’Why are Suggestopedic art & Aesthetic important in creating wholeness in education?

We, as a human being, are born with six sources;





*Beauty & Aesthetics


 which mean that we are unique and complete.


With the consciousness of having the sources mentioned above, we can imagine, intend and do anything that serves us to actualize our dream.

While we are growing up, we forget how unique and complete we are –unless we are interested in Art & Aesthetics – so we stop looking at the inner source and start to look for our uniqueness and completeness out which keeps us far away from our own source and center.

‘’The Art’’ reflects macro cosmos, the harmony of substance and spirit,

and ‘’Aesthetics’’ helps us find macro cosmos (the layout in universe) in the art object, micro cosmos.

So any type of education harmonized with Art and Aesthetics is the golden gateway to find, create and actualize anything beyond this reality.

Because admiring an art object means that it is the time to evaluate it aesthetically. And admiration is concerned with the dynamic skill called GUSTO. So anyone who evaluates the art object aesthetically starts speaking with  ‘’Humanistic Values’’.

With the light of the big picture of Art & Aesthetics, what is there in Art in detail, in small picture?

Art embraces everything and is all about love, compassion, energy, respectfulness, joy, humour, curiosity, rhythm, nature, naturalness, spontaneity, creativity, colours, human being and all living creatures.

So ‘’Art’’ helps us create training program or a system with passion, aesthetics, in connection with wholeness and makes it meaningful

and vital.

All the categories in Art let us live the adventure of possibilities with enthusiasm in our life and give us a sense of creating something with ease, joy and glory beyond this reality greater than we usually do.

All the information given above was also approved by Prof. Dr. G.Lozanov, psychiatrist, who is the creator of applied science called Suggestology himself and the educational system called Suggestopedia with the contribution of  Prof Dr. Evelina Gateva-Hinkova who created the globalized artistic organization of the suggestopedic teaching and learning process.

The aim of Suggestology is to activate, free the brain reserves to enable the person improve his/her present capacity and create anything beyond this reality. In this system the person uses suggestion as a communicative tool and makes his/her choice by both logic and intuition without any barriers.

In the light of searches done by Prof. Dr. Georgi Lozanov and Prof. Dr. Evelina Gateva-Hinkova , we know that it is the synthesis of all arts which helps us create an ambience of magic, emotion, and imagination and renders itself to the creation of the state of concentrative psychorelaxation.

In this respect we can look at the categories called as building blocks of the whole in Art and see their igniting specialities in mind, heart, spirit, psychology and reflections on education.

*Music, classical music, opera, didactic and artistic songs
  They ease the mastering of new foreign language material and the
  school subjects.


*Theatre, Cinema, Choreography

  They stimulate the students (and individuals) into mastering a 

  greater volume of educational content. All the work is based on a

  carefully prepared plan to reach a particular goal using controlled

  theatrical games.


*The classical ballet, light dances in folklore style together with the

   artistic – didactic song.

   The learners, students spontaneously and easily absorb through

   dance and song the lexical – grammatical material in the folklore,

   and also move their bodies and react psychologically.


*Painting related to all periods helps us not only master a greater

  volume of knowledge with ease, joy, elegance but also express all

  details seen on the colorful scene. 


In the light of above mentioned building blocks of Art, it is so vital to inform that there is a specific kind of Art called Suggestopedic Art – the synthesis of literature, drama, music, dance, fine arts, prose, poetry, songs with dance, opera fragments and arias, sculpture, geography with ethnography, the logic of the subject studied and inter subject connections.

As we already noted, the synthesis of literature, music, dance, fine arts and logic in the studied subject with inter subject connections is the basis of the Suggestopedic Art.

The Suggestopedic Art and the Suggestopedic text book, respectively, have their own specific purposes and tasks in the whole artistic organization of the educational process, but are simultaneously in accordance with the general theory of the arts and a programme which fosters the creation and absorption of the educational image- reworked and added to reality, with psychological premises for the creation of the artistic image, the composition, the story, the fabula, and the artistic work , with the complexity of its content and form, the style and the structural multiplane quality of the work.

With the awareness of the knowledge explained above, since 2011

I have been teaching English in classical Suggestopedic way to the people between 5 and 65 years old, 60 adults + 85 children.

Both my students and I have experienced the wholeness through art and aesthetics . That wholeness has transformed and facilitated our lives with ease and joy in every field and fostered our perception in learning . It has also reminded us our uniqueness as a being. We have lived so many different and unbelievable moments, stories spontaneously in every class. Here is the first of the two stories I have never forgotten.

There was a 5 year old boy who had no words with his family and friends and had been taken to the doctors before but had quitted then since they had no healing. In a group of 10, I was with the boy about 4 weeks and studied English with Suggestopedic book and by singing songs, dancing, painting, playing with toys in a play, doing puzzle (artists’ paintings or cartoon characters) in a specially designed class. He was joining all the activities and was so happy during the class. After the course finished, he started to use words in communication with his family and friends with ease and joy.

The other one is about a 40 year old woman who is a doctor.

In five weeks’ study with the suggestopedic book ‘’The Return’’,

I created an ambience in the room with educational arty posters and some space posters on the wall, musical instruments, some art books, mythologic sculptures, some world wide known paintings, colorful costumes, shawls, classical music pieces, toys and colourful pencils.

It was a place of recreation and reactivation .

In an arty atmosphere role playing & reading the scenario, the way we communicate with love and respect let her be relaxed, safe, calm, creative, open beyond this reality, create herself in English and every aspect in her life. She stopped being perfectionist became more tolerant, started to have time for herself, live whatever comes with love, love herself, forgive whatever had happened before.

Living in vitality became her key.

She changed the way she was, lived and worked.

She moved to a wider space with love, softness, her strength.

Just be and let yourself live with the awareness of who you are,

watch macro cosmos & micro cosmos and apply art & aesthetics

in any field you study to create the wholeness.

As Prof. Dr. G. Lozanov  said  ‘AESTHETICS does its job.’’


With my deepest love and respect for Prof. Dr. G. Lozanov and Prof. Dr. Evelina-Hinkova


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