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Literature review on delegation of authority

Review of Literature. Delegation is the process through which the manager assigns tasks and goals to subordinates and vests in them formal authority to make job related decisions, take appropriate action for performing their tasks, initiate action on others and utilize the resources of the enterprise.

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Delegation of authority can be defined as subdivision and sub-allocation of powers to the subordinates in order to achieve effective results. Elements of Delegation Authority - in context what is a bibliography a business organization, authority can be defined as the power and right of a person to use and allocate the resources efficiently, to take decisions and to give orders so as to achieve the organizational objectives.

Authority must be well- defined. Authority is the right to give commands, orders and get the things done.

Delegating Authority in a Medical Environment: A Literature Review - Assignment Example

The top level management has greatest authority. Authority always flows from top to bottom. It explains how a superior gets work done from his subordinate by clearly explaining what is expected of him and how he should go about it. Authority should be accompanied with an equal amount essay modern lifestyle responsibility.

Accountability still rest with the person having the utmost authority. Responsibility - is the duty of the person to complete the task assigned to him.

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A person who is given the responsibility should ensure that he accomplishes the tasks assigned to him. If the tasks for which he was held responsible are not completed, then he should not give explanations or excuses. Responsibility without adequate authority leads to discontent and dissatisfaction among the person.

Responsibility flows from bottom to top.

Delegation: The Views of Case Managers - Sandra P. Hirst, Lynda Foley,

The middle level and lower level management holds more responsibility. The person held responsible for a job is answerable for it. If he performs the tasks assigned as expected, he is bound for praises. Accountability - means giving explanations for any variance in the actual performance from the expectations set. Accountability can not be delegated.

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The top level management is most accountable. Being accountable means being innovative as the person will think beyond his scope of job. Accountability, in short, means being answerable for the end result. It arises from responsibility. For achieving delegation, a manager has to work in a system and has to perform following steps: He also has to define the result expected from the subordinates.

Clarity of duty as well as result expected has to be the first step in delegation. Granting of authority - Subdivision of ecotourism essay questions takes place when a superior divides and shares his authority with the subordinate.

Delegation: The Views of Case Managers

It is for this reason, every subordinate should be given enough independence to carry the task given to him by his superiors. The managers at all levels delegate authority and power which is attached to their job positions.

This gives people to whom you delegate the ability to decide, but they ultimately will realize that only your opinion matters. Delegating with the authority to proceed unless you intervene makes people feel empowered and all goes well until you reverse their decisions, humiliate them, and make all the time and effort they invested in their work go to waste.

Delegating Authority in a Medical Environment: A Literature Review Assignment

Do this a time or two and no one will trust you. Delegating with only a requirement of reporting back with the outcome gives people the freedom to complete assigned tasks in their own snhu creative writing reviews, but gives you the chance to run for cover if they did things the wrong way.

Full delegation allows you to put subordinates in charge of tasks and decisions and you allow them to complete them as they see fit. You show confidence, but put yourself at risk if things are not handled properly.

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Practicing effective delegation builds team work, encourages others to step up to new levels of responsibility and motivates them to handle situations as if they were in charge. In fact, they are in charge of what has been delegated to them. The best example of delegation is that where those entrusted with tasks are allowed to perform them and to take responsibility for their results. Delegation is not for sissies.

Delegation Examples That Develop Management Skills

If you allow your team members the latitude to grow, mistakes will be made along the way. Occasionally, you'll find a subordinate who cannot handle delegated authority because they use it to become abusive with others or even try to challenge your authority.

When things go wrong with a delegated task, don't spend time pointing fingers.

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The top level management has greatest authority. Authority should be accompanied with an equal amount of responsibility.