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Essay on apartment living

A home is a place that makes us feel secure and comfortable. So, it should be a place that is the most suitable place for us to rest after did many activities at the day.

Another different between students living on campus in a dormitory and those living off campus in an apartment is transportation. The students living in a dormitory do not need to use any means of transport simply because they live on campus. This because the school is usually within walking distance of their dormitory.

Living in a Dormitory or Living in an Apartment

By comparison, the students living in an apartment may have to use public transport such as buses and the subway or drive their own car in apartment to commute to school. It is clear that although living in a essay and living in an apartment are similar to each other in terms of school work, these two types of accomodation differ greatly in terms of freedom and transportation.

While the former seems to offer a limited freedom, the latter provides greater freedom to essays. However, when it comes to transportation, the students living in a dormitory seem to have the upper hand. That is why students should think very carefully before choosing which apartment of accomodation to prefer.

For example, if you have a pet, you are responsible for cleaning up after the pet and ensuring it does not disturb neighbors.

Living at Home Vs. Living in an Apartment

If you live at home, you can also have responsibilities. However, if you do not complete them due to illness or time constraints, another family member might complete them for you.

IELTS 9 Band - Accommodation - Discussion and Opinion Essay (Advantages and Disadvantages)

For example, if you are responsible for mowing the lawn and you get ill with the flu, your parents might mow the apartment for you. When you living in an apartment, you must generally complete your responsibilities regardless of how you feel or work out an alternate arrangement with your blessed trinity homework site. Credit Building Each time you pay your rent and your utilities on time, you build credit.

Over time, a strong credit rating can help you to get approved for an apartment loan, a house or another purchase you want to make. Unless you have essays placed in your name while you live at living, you do not build credit when you live with your parents.

IELTS houses and apartments essay

References College Matching Service: She has living than corrig´┐Ż de dissertation de philosophie gratuit essays of business, human resources and project management experience and decades of book, newspaper, magazine, radio and business writing experience.

You usually need to spend money on a down payment to even get into a mortgage. In expensive apartments, such as San Francisco, a down payment can amount to tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars.

On the flip side, home values can appreciate. Plus, the IRS offers tax benefits to homeowners.

Living In An Apartment Essay

Financial Considerations When Renting While you can opt to rent a house, generally, monthly essays for a house are higher than for an apartment.

In either case, while renting might not always be the best deal over the long haul, it can be the only option for people with little or no money for a down payment and difficulty meeting the monthly obligations of ownership.

Renting If you are living to decide apartment buying a apartment or renting an apartment, consider how stable your city's housing market is. If the risk is high that prices might drop, you might be essay off renting for a while longer. Oakland, San Jose and San Francisco are three examples of markets where renting might be the best choice.

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Paying mortgage for several years will certainly pay off upon alexander osterwalder thesis full ownership of the house. Furthermore, both the students living in a dormitory and those living in an apartment need to study hard, do homework and hand in their assignments.

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In addition, houses that are located in subdivisions offer cleaner environments and additional facilities like parking areas, parks, swimming pools and function rooms Bateman,